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     Robert Spirko is a graduate of the Kent State University School of Journalism and studied for his MBA at the same school.  Now, a full time author, he was previously a Middle East analyst and owned his own investment advisory firm near Cleveland, Ohio, predicting the wars in the Middle East including the recent Libyan intervention.

     His remarkable ability to forecast events before they occur has been described as truly uncanny by his friends and  acquaintances.  His predictions about a coming war with Iran are dire unless steps are taken to neutralize Iran's drive for nuclear weapons and missiles that can threaten Israel and the United States, as well as Russia, Great Britain, all  of Europe, and the Middle East region as a whole.

     "The nuclear option for Iran must be stopped.  Iran's leadership must understand the continuing march toward weapons of mass destruction and terrorism against nations who wish to live in peace will end in the complete destruction of that nation and others like it."

     Time is running out in the hour-glass.

An Atlasbooks best-seller



     "A riveting, suspenseful tale of what happened to Anastasia, the lost Russian princess, wrapped in an intriguing saga of intelligence-espionage, engaging elements of Russia, the United States and the Middle East."  -  A FORMER CIA AGENT.


     "A spine-chilling tale about Russia and the internal workings of early Leninists and Stalinists and how they came to the realization that the Soviet system was doomed from the very beginning."  -  A FORMER KGB OFFICER.


     "A scintillating spy-thriller in the style of John LeCarre destined to become one of the  best spy tales of the 21st Century." -  A NEW YORK BOOK SELLER.

     "An extraordinary analysis of what's coming in relation to Iran, Russia, the United States and Israel.   If war proves inevitable, then we are all aboard the  doomsday bus."  -  OLIVE GROVE BOOKS

An exciting masterpiece of epic proportions!


An inside peek at the secret workings of the White House!  A superb, first-rate spy-thriller


A taste of the exotic covert operations that only the CIA and NSA could pull-off working with British Intelligence!


An inside look into the minds of secret agents before the world knew there were secret agents.



From the best-selling author of The Palestine Conspiracy, Robert Spirko, weaves a spy-thriller so unimaginable it suspends reality.


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