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          Rick Waite, a long-forgotten UPI reporter, discovers a secret plan to destroy Israel, then gets himself kidnapped by the PLO.  He and his accomplices discover a secret desert missile base where a mysterious terror organization is ready to launch two missiles armed with nuclear warheads against Haifa and Tel Aviv.  As events spin out of control, Ahmed, a PLO operative, and Adrienne, a Red Cross worker, immerse themselves into this chilling tale of duplicity and terror as the UN and the world watches helplessly.

           "Mr. Spirko has written a riveting book with revelations about the Middle East that have all come true during the past 26 years.  His astonishing predictions and ability to penetrate the mindset of the Arab and Jew alike makes his book one of the most intuitive, compelling descriptive analysis of Middle East affairs of our time." - A Former INTEL insider.

          "A terrific read!  One of the best spy-thrillers I've ever read.  Mr. Spirko has a genuine ability to grip the reader and bring action, suspense and drama to all sides in the Middle East.  His peace proposals nearly won-out at the Camp David Peace Talks in 2000.  Those ideas should be resumed for the benefit of both sides - the PLO and Israelis, equally.  The BBC termed his ideas as "brilliant." - A NEW YORK CITY BOOK REVIEWER.

          "One of the most provocative reads ever.  I wish the manuscript had been available prior to the Persian Gulf and Iraq wars.  Remarkable in its scope and of his understanding of the Middle East."  -  A COVERT OPERATIVE OF THE U.S.

          "His knowledge of what should be done, what hasn't been done, and what must be done for peace in the Middle East supersedes all the ideas that haven't worked in the past.  Failure is not an option.  Libya, Egypt, Afghanistan, Iraq, and now Syria and Lebanon are all symptoms of a failed peace agreement which could bring a golden age of prosperity to the Middle East if the PLO and Israel could make a genuine peace without the interference of Iran."  -  A MEMBER OF THE INTELLIGENCE COMMUNITY.