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A spine-tingling tale about Anastasia

and what happened to her.

  •      From best-selling author, Robert Spirko, who serves up a spy-thriller of epic proportions as one of the best novels of the 21st Century.
  •      Secret Of Ekaterinburg is a tale of intrigue that will bend your mind in different directions as to what’s in store for us.  If war proves inevitable with Syria and Iran, then we are all aboard the doomsday bus.
  •      Anastasia is the Amelia Earhart of Russia.  Only a well-informed few know what really happened to her. 


          Robert Spirko is a graduate of the Kent State University School of Journalism and studied for his MBA at the same school.  Now, a full-time author, he was previously a Middle East analyst predicting the wars in the Middle East including the recent Libyan intervention.  His remarkable ability to forecast events before they occur has been described as truly uncanny.  At the 2000 Camp David Peace Conference, he was instrumental in establishing new ideas including the use of Jerusalem as a dual capital of both states, something never before done in history.

     “Time is running

out in the hour-glass,”

Robert Spirko, best-

selling author.





     From the best-selling author of The Palestine Conspiracy who predicted the Intifada, the Persian Gulf War, and the liberation of Libya, Robert Spirko's new novel, the Secret of Ekaterinburg: The Hour-Glass, reveals a tale of intrigue, love, hope and historical consequence when justice meant revolution and freedom meant escape.


     Starting with the brutal murder of Czar Nicholas II and his family in Ekaterinburg ordered by Lenin's Bolsheviks, suddenly, out of Russia, comes a family that holds deep and ordained secrets that can unlock the shackles of misery for millions.


     In remembrance of this historic carnage, one person escaped to tell the truth of that fateful night after a Lenin death squad executed the Romanov family in cold blood without trial. Then, as now, only a few knew the real truth behind the Bolshevik motives that led to the untold thousands who would succumb to Trotsky's and Stalin's deadly purges.  Relax, if you can, as you begin a veiled journey into the evil depths of red terror, of secret murderous deals by Beria and his Cheka and NKVD killers.


     Sergei Boscov and Andre Kirov, two boyhood friends, raised on a dacha in the Urals, kindle a lifelong brotherhood, even as they go their separate ways – Andre to a political career; Sergei to a military one – do they finally discover who their sister "Ana" really was.  In a stunning conclusion, they become interlocked in a saga of espionage and deception which holds the lives of millions in the balance.


     From the Urals to Moscow, from Langley to London, and from Tehran to Jerusalem, Spirko weaves a spy-thriller that will ensnare the world in a crisis of colossal proportion as CIA analyst Alex Ayers discovers that nuclear missiles are headed for Iran in exchange for this "miracle" of Ana. When you realize what is happening, it's too late. The Secret of Ekaterinburg has the power to restore everything. 


     Remember, 1918 is now.


     And, the future may never come.


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ISBN:  978-0-9752508-3-9

$14.99 U.S.  4 /1/8 x 7 1/2

Mass Market Paperback

Spy-Thriller, Espionage

Russia, U.S., Israel, Middle East  614 pgs.

Author:  Consulted with the National Security Council; involved at Camp David 2000 Peace Talks


A look into the minds of secret agents before the world knew there were secret agents.

An inside peek at the secret workings of the White House!  A superb, first-rate spy-thriller.

A taste of the exotic covert operations that only the CIA and NSA could pull-off working with the Russian FSB.